Bose Companion 5 Faux surround-sound speakers: Bose-Haters Strike Again

What is it with audiophiles and Bose? David Carnoy at CNet wrote a simple post about the new Companion 5 speakers (describing the $399 speakers as producing a "fairly convincing faux surround-sound experience"), then the Bose-haters come out of the woodwork, accusing him of being paid by Bose.
If you don't like the… » 8/25/06 6:17pm 8/25/06 6:17pm

Canon LV-7575 Projector: Blinded by the Light

It may be a bit much for your living room, but the Canon LV-7575 may hit the spot if you're looking to fit out your full size home cinema or to set up your own mobile movie drive-in. The $8999 projector pumps out an eyeball-singing 5500 ANSI lumens (while a typical projector produces 2000 or less), which could create… » 8/25/06 3:19pm 8/25/06 3:19pm

Ipod Goes Pink

Looking for an MP3 player to go with your pink PSP?, how about a nice pink iPod? Steve Jobs hasn't decided to think pink: the pink iPod and ipod mini (both with matching hot pink scroll wheels) are produced by Colorware, who can also pink out your devices. I'll stick with regulation boy-geek black, I think. » 8/24/06 8:14pm 8/24/06 8:14pm

Griffin FireWave Mac Surround Sound Device

USB surround sound cards are ten a penny these days, but Firewire ones are a little more unusual. The Griffin FireWave is one such beast: it connects to a Mac via the Firewire connection, and includes a pass-through port so you can still connect your iPod or digital camcorder. The $100 device can drive a 5.1 speaker… » 8/24/06 7:28pm 8/24/06 7:28pm

VMagi X1 Head Mounted Display: Low Price, Low Resolution

The vMagi X1 is a Geordi LaForge-esque cheap head mounted display that claims to give the illusion of a 35-inch TV at 6.5 feet. But, given the fact that it has a resolution of just 320 by 240 pixels, it must be a particularly nasty 35-inch TV; that's the same resolution as a video iPod . The $250 display can cope with… » 8/24/06 6:01pm 8/24/06 6:01pm

Toshiba Dynabook SS S30 Has Epic Battery Life

It's small, but it keeps on going... The Toshiba Dynabook SS S30 may not be the fastest laptop on the planet (with a 1GHz Core Solo processor), but it has great battery life: Toshiba claims it will run for 9 hours on the standard battery, or 13 hours on the optional extended one. But while it's a lightweight laptop at… » 8/24/06 5:42pm 8/24/06 5:42pm

Apple & Creative Kiss & Make Friends

Apple and Creative have settled their ongoing lawsuit over patent infringement: Apple will pay Creative $100 million, and get access to the patents. Apart from the cash, Creative will also get to make accessories for the iPod under the Made for IPod program. Now can't we all just get along in future? » 8/24/06 1:35pm 8/24/06 1:35pm

Windows Vista 32-Bit Version Won't Play HD Movies

Looking forward to watching HD movies when you upgrade to Windows Vista next year? Tough luck: unless you're running the 64-bit version of Vista on a 64-bit processor (like the Core 2 Duo or recent Athlons), it looks like it won't play back copy protected HD video. The culprit? Windows itself: the 32-bit version of… » 8/24/06 1:15pm 8/24/06 1:15pm

Canon Unveils New Photo Printers

To go with all of the shiny new cameras we've covered today, Canon has announced a slew of new printers. There's the $200 PIXMA Mini260, a small portable model that can print a 4 by 6 photo in under a minute and the $150 SELPHY CP730 and $100 CP720, both of which are dye sublimation models that print up to 4 by 8… » 8/24/06 1:10pm 8/24/06 1:10pm

Prototype Odor Recorder Creates and Tests Smells

Smells are evocative: the smell of fresh-cut grass, strawberries and cinnamon all make you think of certain things. This prototype odor recorder creates smells from 8 components, then analyzes the results to make sure that it's producing the appropriate stench. The developers are hoping to use the odor recorder in… » 8/23/06 2:43pm 8/23/06 2:43pm